How to Make Ordinary Clothes Extraordinary

Can look cool of course desired by some people, perhaps including you are one of them. Can look cool not only to make yourself more confident but also easy to get the attention of the opposite sex. You need to know, to be able to look cool you do not necessarily have to buy new clothes at a great price, but you also can use simple clothing which is then converted so cool with a variety of additional accessories or goods. Want to know how a simple dress can be cool? Here are some things you can do to change the simple fashion so cool.

  • Take advantage of the scarf. You can utilize the existing scarf tied around the neck or simply then hung the neck. By doing so, simple clothes you will look more cool and fashionable. Other than that, you can also use scarves to vests.
  • Add a necklace. Other than that, you can also add cool utilizing necklace for your fashion and appearance. Choose a necklace that is in accordance with the type of clothes or the color of your shirt. If you are not a collared shirt you can choose a necklace with a shirt collar design. If the red color of your shirt, you can combine with black necklace.
  • Use cufflink. If not you can also add a simple fashion cufflink on T-shirt or you like your cardigan. Cufflink unique and beautiful you can get from Singapore flower delivery.
  • Add a vest. Another way that you can do to make your simple outfit so cool is to add either a basic leather vest, jeans, knitwear, cotton, or so forth.

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